Saraswati Lotus Goddess


Saraswati is a Hindu Goddess known to bring order out of chaos with her calming and centering presence. ‘Saras’ in Sanskrit means ‘that which is fluid’. Her colour is white and her flower the lotus.
A suncatcher, I also like to call them window jewellery, brings decorative soothing shapes in white to your garden or window.
She can be hung in two ways, with her lotus petal motifs opening or with her fairy wings spreading out.
I have carefully constructed this beauty by hand in brass with 19 solder joins, professionally powder coated locally in this matt soft white for a durable everlasting finish, rain, hail or shine.  A one of a kind piece to treasure and bring you tranquility all year around.

Measuring 95mm x 95mm in diameter to her delicate outer petal wings makes a divine star.

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