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Catherine Hunter (Kate) is a contemporary jewellery and object maker who creates in metals using traditional metalsmithing techniques. She also uses natural fibres with the crafts of knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, felting and embroidery, all in her micro studio on the edge of a mangrove estuary in Cairns, Queensland.

Born in Coffs Harbour and  growing up in the Orara Valley connected her with nature and the cycles of life, drawing her to the creative arts. Kate found her calling with jewellery and metalsmithing after enrolling in a Bachelor of Design fresh out of High School, at the South Australian College of Advanced Education, graduating in 1984 with distinctions.

Kate has since been employed by small jewellery houses, which has given her opportunity to hone her skills in all aspects of the trade.  She has worked in the capacity of jeweller, designer, production development, sales and customer liaison. In addition, she has participated in many group shows and  accomplished two successful solo jewellery exhibitions, ‘All That Remains’, 2016 and ‘Lay of The Land’, 2017.

Kate has won a number of awards in the International Opal Jewellery Design Awards and was a finalist in the Cairns Business Woman of the year awards, Sole Entrepreneur category 2018, acknowledging her art practise as a successful entrepreneurial business. 

Kate is also an accomplished seafarer with years of experience in recreational sailing and industrial shipping, taking her to many ports around the world. 

Her time spent at sea, 1989 to 2007, has influenced her work and piqued her awareness of global environmental challenges. As a result, Kate’s work has a distinctive look, drawing the viewer into a detailed visual narrative about natures struggles and triumphs, declassifying the medium by incorporating materials not ordinarily associated with jewellery.

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