Sculpting with Jeweller’s Wax


Come join me for a fun deep dive into working with wax for casting in metals. No experience necessary.

A technique from antiquity, lost wax casting has been used by artists throughout time and in varying scales to express their ideas.

This course is structured over three weeks, a total of 9 hours tuition in a variety of different waxes, their applications, and the many techniques of working this uniquely fun material.

Add another dimension to your Art Practise exploring jeweller’s wax as a medium. See below description for more details.

When =  5.30 – 8.30 pm June 6, 12 & 19 – 2024

Where = Northsite Studios on Greenslope Street, Cairns.

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This is a level 1 course spread over three nights, 3 hours per night, totalling 9 hours tuition held at NorthSite Studios on Greenslope Street. No experience necessary, just attention to detail and steady hands.

You will receive a Sample Kit of different types of wax to explore and have access to a variety of wax working tools.

Week 1 = June 6, 5.30 – 8.30 pm (Thursday evening)

  • Lost Wax casting process presentation
  • Different waxes and their applications
  • Create a ring in wax ready for casting

Week 2 = June 12, 5.30 – 8.30 pm (Wednesday evening)

  • Exploring wax working techniques and finishing processes
  • Creating a small object for casting

Week 3 = June 19, 5.30 – 8.30 pm (Wednesday evening)

  • Finishing rings returned from the Casting House
  • Open discussion and exploration of techniques learned

What to bring = Note book & pen, covered shoes, tied back hair and what ever you may need to be comfortable, cushion, water, snacks, a smile. Kitchen and toilet amenities are available on site.

Places are limited to ensure adequate personal tuition.

**Students will pay casting fee and metal cost for their individual projects as each piece will be of different weight and metal price, depending what metal is chosen. Average approximate costs would be $20 -$60 depending on size and metal choice.

Please email me if you need more detailed information regarding this course.

Please note this is not for gem setting, that is in the future.